This project is read-only. Url Shortener is a simple url shortening service that takes your long page URL and makes it much shorter. This data-type makes the process easy to use with in Umbraco.

When you install this package, it will create a new data-type called " Url Shortener", as a default it will contain the API credentials for the "bitlyapidemo" user.
Please do change these to your own, you can get your API key from your account settings page.

Next you need to add the new data-type to your document type and the rest should be straight-forward.

It is important to note that this data-type does NOT automatically generate a short URL, (yet) it must be generated as required.
The reasoning behind this is to allow for more control and selection with which pages/URLs are shortened.

The Url Shortener package can be found on the Our Umbraco community website:

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